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The Knight

What an honor it was to build this commissioned piece for the Victory Christian Center in Ellijay, Georgia. Representing putting on the whole armor of God, it encourages the children that attend the school to be strong in the Lord.

It was based on a drwing that was given to me. This piece was by far my biggest challenge yet. Standing tall at 9' 3" tall, it is equivalent to the height of Goliath. It also weighs approximately 500 lbs., with the stand itself weighing about the same.

It took 8 months to build this project. It was my first attempt with sheet metal. Scaling, adjusting, building jigs, along with building a cage to transport the knight were all extremely challenging.

Going through this process has encouraged me, and revealed to me God asks us to put on his armor. We will all face tough times, tribulations, persecutions, that will put us in a position where we need protection.

I look forward to my next large commissioned piece. It has been a long road to get to where I am today, but I only got here by the Grace of God. Never give up, and always persevere, and all your goals can be achieved.

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